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In-House Lab Work

Veterinary laboratory work refers to diagnostic tests and procedures performed on samples from animals to help diagnose, monitor, and treat various health conditions. These samples may include blood, urine, feces, tissue samples, and other bodily fluids.

Veterinary laboratory work can help detect a wide range of health issues in animals, such as infections, parasites, organ dysfunction, and cancer. Some common laboratory tests performed in veterinary medicine include:

  1. Blood tests: These tests can help evaluate the animal’s overall health, organ function, and detect certain diseases and conditions.

  2. Urine tests: These tests can help detect urinary tract infections, kidney disease, and other urinary tract problems.

  3. Fecal tests: These tests can help detect parasitic infections, bacterial infections, and other digestive system problems.

  4. Cytology: This involves examining cells under a microscope and can help diagnose skin conditions, tumors, and infections.

  5. Microbiology: This involves culturing and identifying bacteria, viruses, and fungi in samples to diagnose infections.

  6. Histopathology: This involves examining tissue samples under a microscope to diagnose tumors, infections, and other abnormalities.

Veterinary laboratory work is an important part of the diagnostic process in veterinary medicine, as it can help veterinarians make informed decisions about the health and treatment of animals.


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